Monday, February 20, 2012

Sierra Nevada, by Ángel Luis Díez López 4º ESO A

We are going on a trip to a ski resort: Sierra Nevada. I have been there many times and I think it is a fantastic place to visit. Do you know what is that? No? If you read this information, you will want to ski there!

Sierra Nevada is in the south of Europe so it is always sunny there. The ski resort is very near of the capital city: Granada. There are other towns near it: Málaga and Almería.

There are many hotels where you can spend your night and there is a very big development called Pradollano. Many houses are rented there. It was the first ski resort in Spain and now, it is the biggest one. You just have to rent your skis and start skiing! You can also learn snowboarding in the ski school. The chairlift helps you climb the mountain so you just have to enjoy while you are going down the mountain.

In summer, people go cycling, climb the mountain and go running. Do you know that you can see Africa from Veleta, the highest peak?

And, what can children do in Sierra Nevada? Don't worry! There is an amusement park with cars, slides... where they will have a great time.

Don't forget your sleigh because in the ski station there are many places where you can enjoy with it. At night, you can dance in the discos and practise night skiing. There are many restaurants but there is not a Mc Donald's.

A bus service connects the resort to the bus station in Granada, the journey takes approximately 45 minutes, and parking is not a problem!

Sierra Nevada is also one of the National Parks in Spain and there is an observatory in Veleta. It is a fantastic place to visit and you will have a great time.

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