Thursday, November 3, 2016


Martiricos lived in a spooky atmosphere last week. The library was beautifully decorated for the occasion. Students could do Spanish, English and French activities there.

FPB students organised a Haunted House for their classmates. Aren't they frightening? :-S

We also had our traditional Halloween food contest. These are the original dishes that 2ºB students presented.

This was the nastiest dish

The winners

That was creepy!
They won in the category the yummiest dish

This was the best Halloween decoration

A cute cake

Would you try these muffins? :-D
3º ESO A students participated too.

The winners

Look at this nasty cake! It was the best Halloween decoration.

The yummiest dish

And our 2º ESO A and 2º ESO C students did a great job. Look at the winners!

You can also see some information about Halloween on the English Corner. Don't forget to read the scary stories 2º ESO students wrote in Spanish. 

Finally, I invite you to watch the wonderful video that Spanish teacher Juana Rodríguez did with her students. I hope you enjoy it! :-)

See you next year!

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