Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween 2016

Here we are again with our usual Halloween treats. This year our 2º ESO PMAR students made these spooky masks for their weekend parties

And we hold our traditional food contest with ESO and even 1º Bachillerato students. As you will probably remember, there were three different categories:

These are some of the delicacies that we could enjoy

Ugh, a clear candidate to the most repulsive dish award

I love this one!

The teeth got dismantled in their way to the class and that made them even more... disgusting
  One of our most brilliant brains

The large knife is part of the creepy atmosphere

 Aren't they sweet?

This is probably the most Spanish Halloween dish I've ever seen: Potato omelette with jelly  bones on top

Home made delicious chocolate biscuits

Heads all over the cake...

                       Everyone wanted a rat!

Tiny little brains in blood... barf

Little coconut ghosts

Vampire bat cheese cake... yummy...

Lots of juicy worms squirming in blood and vomit

And here are some of the happy participants and winners

  One of the cooks regretted  "seño,  se ma derretío el cerebro viniendo pacá". 
You translate it   :)

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