Wednesday, November 1, 2017

2017 Halloween

Uhmm, look at the way these Martiricos students enjoyed this jummy home made spooky Halloween food 


 Antonio and Rodri injected juicy sweet blood into their eye cheese cakes

  Nico's pumpking cake hid gummy fingers crawling into 2º ESO A class

 Carmen and Delia baked this huge eye that stared all of us for a very short time until it was eaten up

 Jose won the most Halloween like award with his smiling cake

 Miguel and Julio brought some mysterious fruit to the class

 Angel and Mateo froze us all with their chocolate cake

But Halloween is not only a matter of 2ºESO students... look at these 1º Bachillerato ones...


 There were gummy spiders and cookies

really elaborated chocolate cakes with skeletons and pumpkins on top

                                           Creepy sweet spider eggs

                                                          chocolate pumpkins...

 Blood elixir (Claudia's recipe improved by Joaquín)

 and Donald Trump little heads

We are never too old to enjoy Halloween food at Martiricos

To make it different, there were even more surprises this Halloween...


Our FPB students prepared a horror show for their 1º ESO partners, and it turned out to be... terrific!



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