Monday, October 10, 2011

Welcome to Martiricos

As you may know, our school is 150 years old. We have had very important students here like Picasso or Severo Ochoa,  and this year we start a new stage: we have bilingual groups. This means that all the students in 1ºESO will have Science and History in English and in four years time all the students will be in bilingual groups.

This blog will be exclusively in English so that you can find here news about the activities we do in class, and information about English speaking culture.

We will also have a little magazine edited by our 1º and 2º ESO students every month.

Parents can publish here too if they wish, they only have to get in contact with Lola Galán and she will help them with the task.

This is the place to publish your poems, to tell interesting things to your friends or to enjoy your favourite songs, just tell your teacher the ones you want to upload.

We hope to have many exiting ideas from you to make this blog a meeting point for all our English friends.

See you... here!

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