Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Easter. Article written by Ángel Luis Díez López 3ºESO B

In my city, Easter is a very important festivity. Tourists come from many countries to see our processions.

Different sculptures of Christ and Virgins go around Málaga´s streets in spring nights.


Every Palm Sunday, Pollinica brotherhood visits Malaga´s city center. The “nazarenos” carry olive branches to celebrate Christ arrival in Jerusalen.

The “Lágrimas y Favores” Virgin walks around Málaga in Palm Sunday morning too. Antonio Banderas, a very famous actor, comes from USA to help in the procession.

At 3 o´clock, “Dulce Nombre” brotherhood gives us a serious and rigorous environment.

After 45 minutes, the “ Salutación” steps Málaga´s roads.

In “el Ejido”, the “Prendimiento” prepares to leave.

15 minutes after that, the “Huerto” leaves from Mártires in search of our city center. It shows a very special Christ praying in a garden.

At 17:15, “Salud” brotherhood leaves from San Pablo, in Trinidad.

The last procession is “Humildad”. This procession is called “Servitas Blancos” because they are very silent.


It is a very special day in Málaga.

Monday is opened by “Crucifixión”. It comes from “El Ejido”. From start to finish, the “portadores” wear two fantastic “tronos”: a crucified Christ and a sad Virgin.

The second procession, at 17:15, is “Gitanos” in Los Frailes. It is a very singular parade. People sing “saetas (songs)” to the images. A Christ tied to a column and María de la O. If you are gypsy, this is your procession!

If you live near “los Mártires” you have to see “La Pasión”. It is very special because there are two “tronos”: a very handsome Christ and a desperate Virgin.

At 19:00, near the Roman theater, “Estudiantes” brotherhood begins its journey.

From Santo Domingo, “Dolores del Puente”, goes out in procesión at 20:00. There are two images of crucified Christ in the first “trono”, in the second “trono”, the virgin is crying.

But the most special and waited parade is “El Cautivo”. This is a very simple image but it´s very beautiful. It is Málaga´s most famous procession.


It is a good day.

At 15:30, from “La Victoria”, “Rocio” brotherhood begins it journey. The virgin “Rocio” is very special in Málaga because it is Málaga´s girlfriend.

After 30 minutes the “Nueva Esperanza” is preparing to leave. That procession starts at 16:00 and it finishes at 4:00! It is the longest parade of the day and people have to be walking for 12 hours!

But it´s very interesting: the Christ is carrying a cross.

The “Penas” brotherhood is very special too. The Christ is very normal but the Virgin´s mantle is very different: it is done with flowers!

The “Rescate” and the “Sentencia” are very similar but they are very interesting so you have to see them both.

The “Estrella” brotherhood is very beautiful: its Virgin is crying and it´s very startling.


Salesianos” are the earliest parade. It is a very serious procession and it only has one “trono”,

Fusionadas” is very special with 4 “tronos”. It´s the slowest procession so you should sit down.

Every year, the “Rico” brotherhodd releases a prisoner. It is a very old tradition and it´s very exciting too.

The “Paloma” is very well known too. Some doves fly near its Virgin.

The “Sangre” is a very ancient brotherhood. The Christ is crucified and it is very bloody.

Expiración” closes this day. It is a very beautiful brotherhood.


This is the best day of the week. The “legionarios” come to Málaga to accompany the parades.

The “Santa Cruz” opens this day. It is a very simple brotherhood but it is very interesting.

The “Cena” is very singular because it has the biggest “trono”.

The “Viñeros” is very important too.

But the most important and waited processions are “Mena”, “Misericordia”, “Zamarrilla” and “Esperanza”. The “legionarios” accompany them.


Christ has died and everybody is very sad.

At 17:35, “Dolores” starts its parade.

The “Descendimiento” shows the descent of Christ from the cross.

Calvario” is a very disconsolate Virgin.

In the “Traslado”, Christ is carried to the tomb.

In the “Amor”, the Virgin is crying thinking about her child.

In the “Piedad”, Christ has died and the Virgin is holding him.

The “Sepulcro” shows Christ´s tomb. Everybody is silent and the virgin is crying.

But the most diferent and special procesion is “Tercera Orden de Siervos de María Santísima de los Dolores (Servitas)”. It is a scary parade. The “nazarenos” ask for forgiveness to the Virgin. While the procession is passing, the lights are out. We can only hear nazarenos´s laments. The Virgin is very simple but it´s very scary and beautiful.


There is only a procession this day : ”Resucitado”. Christ has raised from the dead and the Virgin is very happy.

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