Thursday, November 11, 2010

On 2nd November a group of 2 ESO students went to Málaga airport. They want to tell us what they saw:

“We visited the old airport. It was the first one in Málaga. There is now a museum. We got into three old planes.”

Carolina Riffi, Sara Ponce and L. Tarrazona

“There were dummies of air hostess and pilots. We watched them through a window”

Lidia Soler and MiriamVacas

“We went to the map room, there was a map of the airport. We also saw a helicopter, it was very large and it was just painted”

Antonio Sánchez and Moisés Córdoba

“We were at the old airport. Tere were many different rooms. There was a video room. There were som prototipes of the old plane, another room was about the history of the planes. There was a garden and you could see the private planes from there.”

Guillermo Gutiérrez and Álvaro Camacho

“We went to the airport and we saw the museum teaching material. There we learned playing, we dressed up, we moved parts of planes, etc.”

Araceli Rodríguez and Carmen López

“Finally, we saw Roman tumbs. The workers discovered them when they were doing the museum. We saw a well too.”

Lorena Martos, Samara Santiago and Israel Jiménez

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